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The Zoomies Story

(it's his fault)

Zoomies was created to provide a comfortable home-away-from-home for dogs when their owners are at work or traveling. Ali wanted the daycare to be one that she would be willing to bring her own dog, which means a less chaotic setting and fewer dogs per group.


At Zoomies, dogs enjoy playing with friends, learning new things and taking restful naps in a more home-like environment. Space is limited in order to maintain the integrity of the environment and keep the space stress-free.



Ali has always loved animals and adopted her first dog, Zakim, from a rescue in Arkansas in 2012. Taking in Zakim was such a rewarding experience that she began fostering death-row dogs through 2016. Hosting and working with dogs that had been lost, abandoned, hurt or neglected was such a meaningful endeavor and encouraged Ali to self-teach in the areas of basic dog obedience, behavior and communication.

In the fall of 2018, Ali decided to end her career in technology marketing and follow her heart - she decided to open her own dog care business. She and her mother have been watching a small group of regular dog friends for over a year at their home and are eager to move into their new space on Hardy Street this spring.



Colleen has had quite a wild variety of pets throughout her life, including dogs, cats, hamsters, a squirrel and even a skunk! She is the "momma" of the group and the dogs love when Colleen is on duty (especially Mr. Picasso!)


She encourages good behaviors in the play groups and has trained several dogs in our care to be a bit more polite when they want attention. ;)



Jack grew up with dogs and cats, and has assumed the role of Professional Snuggler at Zoomies. He steps in to assist us on the busier days and is especially great at hanging out with new dogs while they adjust and get comfortable.


He seems to be a target for dogs that want a good lap to sit on, so he's often pinned to his seat because you know you cant move a dog once they've settled in - that's against the rules!