Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Do you take unfixed dogs?

A: We do accept dogs that are not yet spayed or neutered, however if it distracts the other dogs or causes issues we will no longer be able to accommodate. We do not accept females in heat.


Q: Are there any age restrictions?

A: Dogs must be at least four months old and puppies must be current on their puppy booster shots. We do not cap our age limits, but if a dog's age affects their comfort or safety here, we will let you know and help you find other accommodations.


Q: What's the fastest way to reach you?

A: Since we are a small operation, we do not monitor the phones throughout the day (but will return your call if you leave a message!) The fastest way to reach us is to email or text our number at (603) 931-3603.


Q: Are there any breed restrictions?

A: Nope! We love all puppers! That being said, we do have a weight limit of 40 pounds.


Q: Can I take a tour?

A: Unfortunately, we cannot offer tours because it disrupts the dogs. However, we will be uploading a video tour very soon when renovations are nearly complete. Stay tuned!


Q: What days are you closed to the public?

A: Day Camp is not offered on Thanksgiving day, Christmas day, and New Year's Day. Sleepovers are offered all year, unless otherwise noted on our Facebook page.


Q: I see dogs that are larger than 40 pounds at Zoomies - I thought they weren't allowed?

A: We have a number of bigger dogs that have been grandfathered in from our previous location and have been with us from the start.


Q: What happens if my dog gets hurt?
A: If a dog encounters a minor injury, we will address it in-house and let the owners know upon pickup (broken nail, small scratch, etc). If a dog requires vet or emergency care, we will immediately get in touch with the owner to alert them and take them to the vet listed on record, unless it is more time sensitive in which we will take the dog to the Animal Hospital of Nashua.


Q: Are there cameras for me to watch my dog?
A: The interior and exterior of the property are monitored by surveillance cameras, however these are for staff use only. We post many real-time updates on our Facebook page for customers to watch how their pups are doing throughout their stay.


Q: I forgot to bring food when I dropped my dog off for a sleepover stay - what will he eat?
A: Our "house food" is what we feed our own dog - Nature's Domain Turkey & Sweet Potato dry food and Nature's Domain Turkey & Pea Stew wet food. But please remember to bring your own food! We want to keep your pups on their regular routine to help their stay be as comfortable as possible.