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Day Camp at Zoomies!

At Zoomies, we let the dogs tell us how they'd like to spend their days. Weather permitting, our mornings are typically spent romping outside, followed by a midday nap and then more mellow play in the afternoon.
Each day is different based on the personalities we have in our care, their energy levels, and the weather. Some dogs, like puppies, require more down time and we make sure they get that time built into their day so they don't get overwhelmed.
Dogs are placed in playgroups that best meet their needs based on size, temperament and play style. This helps us reach our goal: to send you home with a tired dog that has had a fulfilling day, both mentally and physically.
Cater to small and medium-sized dogs (under 20 pounds)
Small groups for healthy, happy play
Enrichment activities engage dogs minds
Cozy, home-like environment reduces chance of stress



We understand that different households have different dog-care needs, so we offer both recurring monthly subscriptions and drop-in packages. Dogs that have a regular schedule with the monthly subscription are automatically plugged into our schedule and guaranteed availability.


Dogs thrive on routine and familiarity, so we encourage owners to set a schedule if they can :)

Full-Day Packages
8am - 6pm Monday through Friday
(Closed to public for rest time 12p-2p each day)
Weekly attendance required


1 visit


per pack


5 visits


per pack


10 visits


per pack


15 visits


per pack


20 visits


per pack



Behavior Requirements


We strive to provide an enjoyable, playful and comfortable space for your dogs to spend their time. This requires a good deal of behavioral management from the staff to group dogs by energy level, age, play style, size, etc..

In the instance where we struggle to find ways to curb a certain negative behavior, a dog may be asked to stop attending daycare. This doesn't mean a dog is "bad", but not all dogs are compatible with such an environment. Daycare can be overstimulating for many dogs and lead them to engage in unwanted behaviors that we don't want to continue, both at daycare and at home.

Dogs may be asked to stop attending if they engage in the following behaviors excessively:

  • Barking - we are close to other homes and need to maintain a respectful noise level

  • Mounting - this aggravates other dogs and can start fights

  • Marking - some marking is expected and normal, but should not be a dog's primary activity

  • Playing too rough / grabbing skin with mouth - we do not want behavior that will hurt dogs

  • Aggression of any kind towards staff or dogs

Dogs can change behavior as they mature and are exposed to new experiences, so a dog may develop into these tendencies even though they've been attending daycare for some time.






Dogs must weigh no more than 20 pounds. We love our big dogs, but this weight limit helps ensure the safety and comfort of our attendees and staff in the space we play and rest.



We require all day camp dogs to attend a minimum of once a week. If they need to miss a week, they can use that credit the following week. If that does not work, the credit is lost.



To minimize commotion, we limit our pick up and drop off hours. Dogs can arrive between 8am-10am and can be picked up between 4pm-6pm.



Every visit must be reserved online beforehand so we can adjust play groups and staff needs as necessary. Even if it's the morning of, please put it on our calendar first. :)



All dogs must be current on their rabies, bordatella (kennel cough), and DHPP vaccines. Vaccination records are required before a temperament test can be performed.



Every dog that attends Zoomies starts off with a free half-day temperament evaluation. We want to make sure all dogs, including our new friends, are comfortable and enjoy each other.



Payment is due by time of drop-off for both day camp and sleepover visits. A 50% deposit may be required to reserve sleepovers depending on season and availability.



We kindly ask for 48 hour notice for sleepover cancellations.  Please make any Day Camp cancellations by 6pm the night before. Same-day cancellations forfeit the credit for that day.

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